MindsetGo Philiosphy:

With over two decades of experience, MindsetGo supports a diverse group of professionals across various industries. Our methodology uncovers the root cause of behaviors. We decipher what is really going on with people and help clients focus on the why instead of the what. By deconstructing behaviors and building emotional intelligence, we engage you to understand the intentions,
motivations, and plans of others.

Here are our coaching specialties:

• Executive
• Public Speaking
• Sales
• Career
• Networking
• Interview

Professional Development:

• Emotional Intelligence
• Conversational Intelligence
• Public Speaking
• Sales & Networking
• Customer Service
• Change Management &
• Body Mind Bottom Line:
Psychological Wellness
• Conflict Prevention &
• Leadership Development
• Team Building & Cultural
• Employee Engagement

Performance Consulting:

Our process analyzes the gap between where your organization is, where you want it to be, and how to achieve your goals and objectives. Our process focuses on business goals and performance outcomes by coaching clients to excel at conversational, emotional, and multi-generational intelligence. Along the way, you will define and articulate expectations to make sure we are meeting your needs.


Consulting Services
18 Lyman Street
Suite 250
Westborough, MA 01581-1472
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