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Harris & Bruno International has been manufacturing ancillary components for printing presses for 65 years. Products focus on inking and coating systems, specializing in chambered doctor blade systems, offline/inline coaters, anilox rolls, and pumping equipment. As the most vertically integrated supplier of anilox rolls in the USA, H&B manufactures, services, cleans, and re-engraves anilox rolls. With offices in America, Europe and Asia, Harris & Bruno provides superior worldwide sales, service, and support. Please visit www.harris-bruno.com for more information.


Press Equipment
Post Press Coatings


21", 30", 42" Fully Automated H&B ExcelCoat ZR Offline/Inline UV & AQ Coater
21", 30", 42" Semi-Automated H&B ExcelCoat ZRB Offline/Inline UV & AQ Coater
Chambered Doctor Blade Systems
LithoCoat Offset Ancillaries
Flexo Inking Systems
Corrugated Ancillaries
Anilox Rolls & Services
Smart Pumps
Automated / Semi-Automated Coating Circulators
LithoCoat Specialty Coating Circulators
Flexo Automated / Semi-Automated Pumping Systems
Corrugated Pumping Systems
Ink Agitators
Web Coaters
Chamber End Seals
Chamber End Caps
Doctor Blades
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8555 Washington Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95678-5901
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