Nancy Plowman Associates, Inc.

Independent testing facility specializing in ink and paper testing, consulting, complaint resolution, and training. TAPPI laboratory for paper testing.

Print seminars are offered 2-3 times per year.

Classes are scheduled March 11-12 and October 21-22, 2014


Consulting Services


GATE TestPress (3)
Instron (1)
Sheffield Smoothness Tester (1)
TMI Print Surf Roughness Tester (1)
TMI Brightness/Opacity/Color - Brightimeter (1)
TMI Stiffness (1)
TMI Tear Tester (1)
TMI Internal Bond Tester (1)
Thwing Albert Inkometer (1)
Duke Emulsification (1)
Brookfield Viscometer (1)
Sutherland Rub Tester (1)
Amercan UV Curing unit (1)
GATE Heat Set tester (1)
Gurley Densometer (1)
Techkon Spectrodensitometer (1)
TMI COF Tester (1)
Humidity Tempoerature Environmental Chamber (1)
Optical Microscope with TV imaging (2)
30 Ray Avenue #32
Burlington, MA 01803-4721
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