Progressive Converting, Inc.

Pro-Con is the largest contract converter in the United States. Our 5 locations located in MN, WI, PA, CA and VA offer comprehensive precision sheeting, rewinding, packaging, warehousing and distribution services. We convert 24 lb. to 36 pt. board, film and other synthetic products covering a wide range of sizes (Folio, Digital, large format and cut size). Our master roll inventory of first line mill quality paper is used to meet printer's just-in-time, cut to size web/roll needs.


Paper Converters
Paper Merchant/Converter


Jagenberg 110" rewinder - Plymouth, MN
Jagenberg 84" rewinder - Plymouth, MN
Jagenberg 90.5" rewinder - Appleton, WI
Webco 84" rewinder - Appleton, WI
Marquip Sheet Wizard 73" - Appleton, WI
Marquip - 65" sheeter - Appleton, WI
Jagenberg - 67.5" sheeter - Appleton, WI
Maxson - 65" sheeter - Appleton, WI
Pasaban - 60.5" sheeter - Appleton, WI

Progressive Converting, Inc.

4930 Winnetka Ave.
New Hope, MN 55428
Phone: (763) 544-0373
Fax: (763) 545-9573


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